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Here’s a sample of what our candidates and clients say about us:

Much of our work is undisclosed in the public domain as assignments are often confidential and retained exclusively to iSem Global.  The relationships we have with our clients is often quite unique – our candidates often say it was a much quicker informative process going through us and helpful to have a ‘sounding board’ during the process to help guide & move things along which is all part of the professional representation we offer that can be important in any application process.  Some client and candidate iSem Global reviews below......

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Global HR, NXP Semiconductors

‘Working with iSem global has been a great pleasure. I have HR responsibility for a 2,000+ team across the world and Will and his team have helped fill some very tricky positions. In the beginning, my managers were a little insecure as they weren’t killed with CVs. It did not take long for them to understand how diligently selected the candidates were, and the feedback and satisfaction about iSem global’s work is remarkable. Thanks a lot to the team, I look forward to further challenges. ‘ 

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